About This Comic

My Life in Scribbles is a journal comic by Aaron Brassea using minimal, sloppy art. Sometimes the comics are happy. Sometimes they’re sad. Sometimes they’re big and life changing. Sometimes they’re random and meaningless… just like life!

About the Author

Aaron Brassea started Chainsaw Comics in 2001 with Jason Gourley and David Henzie as a motivator to make comics on a regular basis. He now lives in Portland, OR with his wife Ashley. When he’s not making comics, he enjoys working on his various music projects.

About Comics

Comics (via Latin, from the Greek “Κωμικός”, kōmikos, of or pertaining to “comedy”, from kōmos “revel”) is a graphic medium in which images are utilized in order to convey a sequential narrative; the term, derived from massive early use to convey comic themes, came to be applied to all uses of this medium including those which are far from comic. It is the sequential nature of the pictures, and the predominance of pictures over words, that distinguish comics from picture books, though there is some overlap between the two media. Most comics combine words with images, often indicating speech in the form of word balloons, but wordless comics, such as The Little King, are not uncommon. Words other than dialogue, captions for example, usually expand upon the pictures, but sometimes act in counterpoint.

About About

a⋅bout /əˈbaʊt/

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2. connected or associated with: There was an air of mystery about him.
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6. on or near (one’s person): They lost all they had about them.
7. so as to be of use to: Keep your wits about you.
8. on the verge or point of (usually fol. by an infinitive): about to leave.
9. here or there; in or on: to wander about the old castle.
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19. Nautical.
a. onto a new tack.
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