September 19th, 2011

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  1. losttoy

    Deedee actually found a real job?

  2. aaron

    it was a tiny part (probably less than a minute of screen time) and the next day ashley realized she wasn’t from doodlebops, but another show called high five.

  3. losttoy

    Oh … The American or the Australian cast? I don’t think they have that show on TV anymore. It was on Discovery Kids, but the channel is now co-owned by Hasbro and called The Hub now. No more Peep and the Big Wide World either. I loved that show. I always had a bit of a crush on Jennifer Korbee from High Five. The sad live of a father of four kids.

  4. aaron

    i assume american… she knew it from a girl she nannied more than three years ago.

  5. losttoy

    Not to sound racist (but this is how the show is set up), was it the black girl, the asian girl or the white girl? There was also a white guy and a hispanic guy. Don’t you love all the forced harmony? All they needed was the indian, the cop, and the construction worker.

  6. aaron

    it was the black girl. i tried to find her on imdb, but they don’t seem to admit the show ever existed.

  7. losttoy

    It was either Karla or Yasmeen. Probably Karla. She was cute too.

  8. aaron

    yeah, i would guess karla based on the pic, but she was on screen so short it’s hard to say.
    alright, the reason i couldn’t find it on imdb before was i was looking for high five or high 5, but it’s hi-5. it was indeed karla in the role of “page #2.” she was also “party guest” in burn after reading.

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