May 1st, 2011

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  1. Marygrace

    Apparently, at first they also posted the news ticker at the bottom as “SPORTS: Osama Bin Laden dead”

  2. aaron

    that’s still not as bad as this one:

  3. Lindsey

  4. aaron

    i saw that when i was googling to make sure i got fox’s spelling right. while it’s technically accurate, it’s not the common american spelling. i’m curious if they ever spelled it like that before, or if it was just part of their “maybe people won’t realize obama took down america’s #1 enemy” initiative.

  5. losttoy

    What were you doing watching Fox News???

  6. aaron

    i was waiting for someone to ask that! we were watching the simpsons and fox news interrupted it. at first it was silent, with geraldo just kinda sitting around doing nothing.

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