June 12th, 2010

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  1. losttoy

    Holy shit, I was reading this comic and a car just sped into our yard and hit a tree. As the engine smoked, he ran away saying, “sorry I ran into yard. I am going to have a cigarette before they come and get me.” Then he ran away into the forest. I pulled out the garden hose and watered down the tree and car as I was talking to 911 on my cell phone. Apparently, the guy ran into two other cars further down the road and they had be taken away in an ambulance. The police all came and chased him down and finally got him

  2. aaron

    yipes! i hope reading my comic didn’t cause all that!

  3. Bren C.

    Losttoy… that’s a scenario that’ll *probably* never be seen in “My Life in Scribbles!” 😀

    …but then *again*, there was that Very Special Episode of “Squarecat Comics” when Jen & Matt’s apartment building caught fire. Remember that one? It was a multi-parter, with the cliffhanger being Mattie wanting to run into the burning building to rescue his car keys, but instead he slipped and… well, I’m spoiling it for you now, aren’t I?

    But it was, indeed, the most thrilling episode to-date.

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