February 2nd, 2010

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  1. Brianne

    I don’t either! And everyone on facebook was talking about it! Sometimes I think I should watch it, but then I think of how many seasons they already have out and I just give up.

  2. aaron

    same here… it sounds like something i’d enjoy if i knew about it when it was starting…

  3. nstryker

    everytime i read something like this i get less and less likely to ever watch a single episode of lost: http://dancameron.org/reviews/lost-season-6-premiere

    i’d say my interest level when i saw the commercials for the first season was like 30%, right now it’s somewhere around -46%.

  4. aaron

    i was just going to reply “i have no interest in reading that” but then i read it. classic nerd stuff!

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