August 3rd, 2009

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  1. Three on the Third: The Comics

    […] Morning Rumble, Ready to Ride, and Getting Ice Cream, by abrassea […]

  2. Neil Jam

    that bed looks mighty comfy…

  3. aaron

    nah, we’re sleeping on the futon downstairs to be near the ac. the comfiness is an illusion.

  4. L. Nichols

    The morning rumble seems likely to be motorcycles in the courtyard at my new place. That is, assuming motorcyclists wake up early enough, I guess. I was chilling on the couch today, trying to figure out where to put all the furniture, when this HUGE rumble shook the wall. Harley Davidsons are incredibly loud!

  5. aaron

    maybe they have a harley to try and balance that they have to get up for work so early.

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